europa directEurope Direct is a European information structure, promoted by the Commission and managed by the Asturian Federation of Councils and the city of Oviedo, offering basic information and training on the EU. It is part of an integrated 500 centers in the 28 EU countries network.
Unlike other information centers managed by the Commission aimed at a specific audience (companies, press, scientific media, etc) Europe Direct the whole society is heading as a whole.
Our work is intended for all citizens of Asturias, regardless of the municipality in which they live, because through the Asturian Federation of Councils we both urban and rural, with special emphasis on the most remote areas of the center.

We work with:
• Local administration: cultural centers, social centers, local development agencies, youth information offices and consumer, business centers.
• Schools and colleges.
• Journalists.
• associations.
• Students.
Activities information:
• From the office, where it provides a first, direct and personalized information tailored to the needs of users and will be complemented by publications, brochures, and other materials published by the Commission. In addition it offers our users the ability to make their own queries via the Internet from the cybercentre Lilac annexed to our office.
• Decentralized information in the Asturian town councils, through our network of local information points, located in cultural centers, youth information offices, business centers ... .. packages that have adequate information to local demands.
• Mass Media Communication actions: news, interviews and press releases.
• Information to the letter addressed to young people, rural, associations or local entities.

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