Municipal cybercentre - City of Oviedo

“Multicultural digital space, where learning, learning to live and to live together.”


Phone. 608 056 561 

Call 608 056 561 to find out about our services. We will provide the information demand.


Center for Internet and New Technologies with dynamic digital society desire for Ciudadad of Oviedo and visitatntes.


We develop training in new technologies for citizens of Oviedo access to all the resources of the digital world.

Point of attention

Personal attention of procedures for citizens, working life, employment, etc ....

More than 116 nationalities 27.000 users

Today we are very proud to share that we have discharged the user no 27.000 in our Telecentro, which means that 27000 registered citizens make use of our facilities with the most diverse purposes, or through one of our computers or using the laptop itself Users accessing the wireless network of the City of Oviedo.

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