Palacete La Lila, from its origins known as Villa Rosita, it has been shown throughout history in continuous evolution and development, and always linked with a strong influence within the social and cultural environment of ovetense council..
El Palacete of la Lila, restored as a new Center for New Technologies, born in 2003 being one of the most ambitious projects for the Information Society, in an effort to establish itself since its birth in a pioneer and reference center and its main objectives, build an element of dynamism of the digital society and bring new technologies and the Internet to Ovetense Citizenship.
Today we are very proud to share that we have discharged the user no 27000 in our Telecentro, which means that 27000 registered citizens make use of our facilities with the most diverse purposes, or through one of our computers or using the laptop itself Users accessing the wireless network of the City of Oviedo.
"Multicultural digital space, where learning, learning to live and to live together"..

The Project Cibercentro of formalized with the signing of an agreement between the city of Oviedo and the Association of Friends of the Internet for the Development of Information Society, as a project for the promotion and implementation of the information society in a local environment, including actions of digital literacy, teleadministration and telematic services to organizations, groups, citizens and businesses.
Oviedo City Council has several local public access called telecenters where available to all citizens an environment of free Internet access.
For it has installed an access to broadband Internet, a wireless local network and several computers and peripherals for public use. Citizens can freely access this space to surf the Internet or use of computers and peripherals, and even surf as guests from their own laptops