Need a place to study?
One alternative you have is to use Estdudios Centers of the City of Oviedo. If you are someone who can not study at home, you can find in the study hall of La Lila, an ideal space to sink the elbows.
We have 45 seats with individual lamp and natural light, equipped with wifi network, through which users can connect to the internet with their laptops.
The schedule of the study room are Monday through Friday from 09 to 20.45, excluding public holidays and weekends that no service.
To make use of the Board of Studies must fill out a registration center staff has available. These data are necessary for creating your personal profile that allows the Cibercentro Lilac keep statistics on the number of people using the facilities.
Once registered, users must report their entry and exit enclosure responsible staff, who will make delivery of a control card with the number of available table.
Remember to go collect all your work material, since the center is not responsible for the forgotten objects.
[Download registration form]

In order to ensure that they find the schoolroom in the best conditions for the development of its activity, the Cybercentre La Lila establishes a set of standards that must be met by users:
• Alert personnel entry / exit enclosure.
• keep silence.
• Remove the sound devices such as mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, radios, etc ...
• Do not paint or scratch the furniture, which will cybercentre indefinite expulsion of La Lila.
• No entry of food or drink.
• Do not disturb other users.
• The books of those who leave the room for a period exceeding 30 minutes will be removed so that another user has the table.

Plane study room




St/La Lila, 17 - 33002 Oviedo
Phone. 608 056 561