Is strictly prohibited downloading software. When required to obtain a program or application must request authorization from those responsible for the Chamber. Failure to comply with this standard will license withdrawal and subsequent expulsion from the center permanently.
It is not allowed access to connections through services such as Telnet, Peer to Peer (P2P) or the like.
It is forbidden to install any program. If you require the use of different computer applications installed, you must previously request those responsible monitors.
Misuse of equipment and configuration changes will mean the immediate and final expulsion of the Telecentre.
There are priorities for equipment use, upon presentation of the existing application tab. The priority uses are:

• Telecommuting projects, training and distance learning.
• Performing work and academic activities.
• self-learning.
• Job search / career guidance. (We suggest using the Telecentre in C / Large Covian, expert advice).
• If a different use to the agreed detected in the reserve will mean the loss of priority, as well as the immediate cancellation of the team.

Specific rules:
Maximum time continued to use: 1 hour. (Depending on the type use)
You can not print 15 minutes before closing: 10 pages per person.
Responsible for monitoring disk utilization.
Do not hit the equipment or put your finger on the screen.
Play games, chat and Microsoft Messenger or similar is prohibited.

General rules:
Computers are put to public service for finding information documentary, educational content, research, learning or leisure. They are not allowed chats, games, shopping and payment pages.
All children under 16 years who wish to enter the premises, can not do so during school hours.
One duly completed registration card is filled and will be collected when ready. (In process)
In the call center people are working; you respect others and keep silence.
It is not allowed to smoke, eat or drink beverages.
It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the center. the bins are used.
It is strictly forbidden to access web pages with pornographic content or terrorists. This will, for the person who fails to comply, the withdrawal of license and subsequent expulsion.

Failure to follow these rules as well as those activities in the present not included not considered consistent with the proper functioning of the Board, may involve restricting access temporarily, or even permanently, and the final shutdown of the computer In use.