More than 116 nationalities 27.000 users

Today we are very proud to share that we have discharged the user no 27000 in our Telecentro, which means that 27000 registered citizens make use of our facilities with the most diverse purposes, or through one of our computers or using the laptop itself Users accessing the wireless network of the City of Oviedo.
This is an opportunity to thank a very special way to all those who during these nine years, in one way or another have contributed to the growth of this Telecentro and especially to all citizens who daily reward us with their technological and with its endless displays of affection.
The Cybercentre La Lila not only as a place of information, where the 200 users who come daily to our facilities receive digital knowledge and skills, but also as a meeting point for people of different nationalities.
During these 12 years of the Cibercentro, we have collected application forms for users coming 116 nationalities, serving very definite needs that could be summarized as:

• Use of new information and communications technology as a means of information and communication with relatives (email, Internet ...).
• Performing procedures to regularize their new situation (employment, housing, health, education ...)

For our facilities have passed over the years people from Ecuador 354, Argentina 285, 141 in Peru, 79 UK, 42 from Belgium, 30 Senegalese, 22 from Poland, 18 from Moldova, 14 from Australia, 9 Japan, Jordan 3, 1 Liehtenstein, 1 Tunisia, ... .. so until 116 nationalities
Since the cybercenter, technical support daily the complex process of legal proceedings that brings about immigration and our users, through ignorance, fail to perform autonomously.
But also and in different ways, they use very often Cibercentro workers passing through Oviedo, Erasmus students, tourists, pilgrims ... requesting information on routes, social services, transportation, accommodation, cultural facilities, becoming a:
“multicultural digital spacio, where learning, learning to live and to live together”.

Users La Lila

200 users who come daily to our facilities